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The HVAC equipment in your home must be properly maintained for optimal performance and for manufacturer warranties to apply.  Regular maintenance can also help you to avoid potentially costly and inconvenient emergency service calls.

If you don’t want to take on the task yourself, give us a call.  We can customize an HVAC maintenance plan specific to your home and add you to our call list for scheduled maintenance visits.

Below is an abbreviated “to-do” list to help keep common HVAC equipment in tip-top shape.

  • Replace filter as needed
  • Keep cabinet, flame sensor, and burners clean
  • Keep drain line and intake pipes clear of debris
  • Replace filter as needed
  • Keep outside condensing unit clean
  • Check monthly during cooling season
  • Keep drain line clear
  • Replace pad as needed
  • Open or close dampers seasonally
  • Keep drain line clear
  • Keep cabinet, outside heads and core clean
  • Clean filters as needed
  • Replace batteries for indoor and outdoor temperature sensors regularly
  • Clean condensate pump regularly and keep drain line clear
  • Consult the manufacturer user manual or website for additional maintenance and troubleshooting suggestions
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