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Efficiency Extra
Heating systems range from 80% to 98+% efficient.  A high efficiency furnace or boiler often qualifies for a rebate from your local energy company.  Allow us to do the research and apply for any qualifying rebate on your behalf.


The heating system is the heart of your home.  It must be reliable and designed to keep your entire home comfortable during our long Minnesota heating season.

Forced air furnaces incorporate technology that offer premium and energy efficient comfort features such as two stage gas valves and variable speed blower motors for more precise temperature control, fewer temperature swings, and quieter operation.

A forced air furnace is likely the most sensible choice for heating if your home has existing ductwork.  It can be adapted to incorporate heating zones for optimal comfort and increased efficiency.  A furnace can also be combined with accessories such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers to improve air quality.

Hot water heat can replace or compliment forced air heat.  Natural gas boilers or electric mini boilers work with radiators, cast iron baseboards, or in-floor tubing to provide radiant heat throughout an entire home or parts of the home.  Mudrooms, bathrooms, and basements are popular spaces for radiant heat.

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