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Efficiency Extra
Cooling systems are rated by their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).  The higher the SEER rating the more energy efficient the system.  High efficiency air conditioners may qualify for a rebate from your local energy company.  We’ll do the research and apply for any qualifying rebate on your behalf.


Whether the place you call home is 100 years old, a budding idea on an architect’s sketch board, or something somewhere in between, there are options for efficiently and effectively cooling your home.  We can help you understand the best cooling solution/s for your unique space.

Forced air cooling is one way to cool an entire home and adds immediate value to the property.  Even without existing ductwork, forced air systems can often be retrofitted within a home without altering its footprint.  Sayler Heating & Air Conditioning is known for artfully designing cooling systems for homes with complicated floor plans that others said couldn’t be done.

When a smaller space requires cooling and/or adding a forced air system doesn’t make sense, mini split systems are an economic option to consider.  Current mini split technology is quieter and more efficient than older models.

Regardless of the type of system, we install quality products from tried-and-true brands we know and trust.  Have peace of mind knowing that we’ve done the homework for you.

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